Understand the miraculous powers of “Rudraksha”
If you are in search of a miracle thing that can shower positivity on every aspect of your life,   “Rudraksha” is an object that can do wonders for you if you understand its powers. It has brought back happiness and peace in the lives of several people who were distressed in their life and had lost all the hopes.  However, the most crucial point here is it should be worn under the supervision and guidance of an expert.   The word rudraksha comes from ancient Indian scriptures and is considered as holy and regarded to have religious sentiments. Rudraksha is a kind of bead that is worn on the body of man or woman and is also supposed to provide health benefits along with spirituality. There are many beliefs that are surrounded around Rudraksha, which say that the beads have a unique power and of course the spirituality cannot be ignored.

What is Rudraksha?
Rudraksha is a bead and is actually a fruit that is grown only on the mountains and the hilly regions of Burma, Nepal, Java and Indonesia. It is a brown colored fruit that is sour in taste. The bead finds it origin in ancient scriptures like Shiv Purana, Srimad Bhagvatam, Padma Purana and more.

Rudraksha is known to man since the ancient times and only the Hindus have been using it as they have known about the benefits since long time due to the research and the study that they have done on the Rudraksha.

‘Rudra’ means one of the names of Lord Shiva and ‘Aksha ‘is eye drops. It is believed that Rudraksha berry was born out of the eye drops of Lord Shiva and hence the name. Botanically the name is ‘Elaeocarpus Granitrus Roxb’.

Relevance of multifaceted Rudraksha
Rudraksha is an important bead, and there are certain rules that you need to observe when you buy them as not all give the right kind of effect that you need. Every person should know that there are around 14 kinds of rudraksha and they are called Mukhi or the faceted rudraksha. The names are eka mukhi, dwi mukhi, tri mukhi, chatur mukhi, pancha mukhi, shan mukhi, sapta mukhi, ashta mukhi, nava mukhi, dasha mukhi, eka daska mulkim, dwadaha mukhi, trayodaha mukhi and chaturdaha mukhi. They are nothing but the lines that run on the surface of the beads from top to bottom. The numbers of lines that run on the beads signify the kind and quality of rudraksha it is. But, in the ancient times almost 108 mukhi rudraksha were found and now it has become a rare thing.

It is only the expert who can differentiate between a genuine one and a fake one. Every type of rudraksha has unique properties and come with different power too. Depending on the faces of the beads, the power is known and one can use it for that particular reason.

The Ek Mukhi rudraksha is the rarest one and is not found easily. It signifies riches, prosperity and happiness. After wearing it all the desires are fulfilled easily. In this way all the other 13 rudraksha come with certain beneficial factors to health, control many diseases, feminine issues, wisdom, human jealously, worries, depression, miseries, safety, prosperity and peace of mind.

Wearing Rudraksha Mala
Rudraksha mala or the rosary is always worn on the neck as a necklace or even used as a Jap mala for chanting mantras to gain spiritual attainments. The mala is made in auspicious numbers like 27+1, 108+1, and 54+1. The +1 bead is called as Sumeru and the important thing is it is not crossed when chanting and is recognized as a boundary so that you return back for counting ahead. However, you have to remember that the one used to wear around the neck is not used for chanting mantras.

The mala can be worn only after it has been properly sanctified with various mantras by the Gurus or the Sadhus who are expert in these rituals. People of any caste and gender can wear the mala.  It is mostly made with silk thread or gold, silver and copper wires. Regular cleaning is essential to get rid of the copper oxide that gets accumulated periodically. It can be worn on the forearms, wrists, head, chest, neck depending on the advice of the experts.

Significance of Rudraksha
Many people do not exactly know the benefits of wearing the Rudraksha and how it works for them. Everyone is of the opinion that it signifies spirituality and religion. However, it is not so. It is a great boon for the humans and helps in achieving perfect body, mind and even spiritual gains.

Health Benefits
It helps in evoking power in the human body and fights even chronic diseases and helps in enhancing the overall health of people who wear it. Rudraksha has the power to remove all the impurities in the blood and also strengthens the body. Minor illnesses like cough, headache, stomach pain, etc. can be eliminated after wearing the beads. Chronic illness like blood pressure, maternity problems, heart diseases and many others can be controlled as well. Besides, it gives a natural glow to the skin and helps calm the body.

Mental Health
Performing the japa using the Rudraksha mala helps to gain mental peace and self-confidence. It increases the spiritual power and strengthens the mental balance along with getting out for depression and other mental diseases. It helps to gain a positive attitude and boosts courage.

Spiritual Benefits
Wearing the Rudraksha provides you with relief from the evil powers that surround you and helps you to clean the sins from the previous birth that are affecting your present life. Each rudra is linked to a particular deity, and thus positive power is gained from that particular god or goddess who will protect the wearer forever from the negativities and evil by creating a powerful shield.

How to buy Rudraksha
Nowadays, due to scarcity of the genuine and real Rudraksha beads, many fakes are also available in the market, and that is what you should stay away from and know the real ones for maximum benefits. There are a number of methods that you can use to check if it is fake or genuine.

Choose Rudraksha that is heavy, shapely and lustrous and emit positive vibration. Even genuine Rudraksha comes with different weights and shape, and that is why one should not buy low-quality beads that are chipped, unshapely and have a very dry surface as they may provide benefits as they should.

Only authentic sellers should be approached and depending on the quality and the requirement you can buy Rudraksha. Ensure that the beads have gone under the expert eye for confirmation.





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