Welcome to SpiritualZon. Before using our website or placing any orders you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions :-

  • Before introducing our terms and conditions to you we would like to draw your attention to the subjects, products and services which have Spirituality as their central theme .Spiritual products and services are categorically different kind of product which attract certain unique features and conditions along with it. Keeping in mind such case sensitive products/services we have defined our Terms and Conditions.

  • The below description of our Terms and conditions will give you a clarity of our norms, rules, regulations and reliefs involved, embedded and connected to whole transaction cycle.

  • Inquiry made by the customer via phone calls and or emails must be strictly in the scope of product/services offered on spiritualzonshop.com

  • Illustrations and images displayed on our website may not resemble to the final product consumable by you. Some of the products may not have the 100% cosmetic look or appearance as shown on the site because they are output of natural cycles and processes and not synthetically made.

  • Order specification once given by the customer in complete sense would be assumed to be final and accordingly demand would be fulfilled.

  • Confirmation of the order placed must be in written communication say either by sms, email or fax. In case of non acceptance/dispute of order after our receipt of confirmation, such written communication would act as to evidence to complete the transaction or evidence in case of any law suit.

  • Our Ask Expert exclusive facility is provided to make your purchase complete in all respect and in no means to bring any kind of negativity, negative vibration, sorrow, dishonesty, hindrance in your life and success. You are opting for this service by your own willingness. We are not liable for any insufficiencies, as their outcome is dependent on lot of variables, possibilities and of course on the Act of God

  • We will bear all the risk in relation to the goods till it gets delivered to the destination. Once the goods gets delivered all the risk and rewards in respect of goods gets transferred to you.

  • Payment once received is not refundable. No part payment is acceptable. However if online payment is made and if:

    1. In case of any deficit in payment irrespective of the amount, the order placed will not be executed and would be only delivered after full and final payment.

    2. In case of any surplus or excess amount received by us irrespective of the amount, such surplus or excess amount would be refunded to final consumer in the reasonable time period as may be required to process such a banking transaction subject to the server downtime of our bank and network connection related issues.

  • Post purchase facilities can be enjoyed only after making complete payment of the order confirmed. Customer will get timely tracking and information of the goods dispatched, in transit, shipment and delivery of the goods on demand. After sales services if any, would be provided as per the details mentioned in the invoice issued to the customer.

  • Eligibility of cancellation and or return of product will be determined if and only if the below mentioned criterion is satisfied: The defect is reported same day after the delivery (including the day of delivery) to us either via call, email or fax. Such a defect would be scrutinised by us considering the facts mentioned by customer. After such examination, if we think fit on the basis of facts and reasonable judgement we will duly cancel and or re-execute the order.

  • Any discrepancy or grievance identified by customer during the course of transaction cycle will have immediate settlement from our Customer Relationship Management Cell of spiritualzonshop.com to serve you better and rectify any insufficiencies if any in our process execution thereby helping us to achieve our Vision!


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